Polish Professionals Forum
Be professional and make a contribution to your local community...
Polish Professionals Forum in Europe based in Edinburgh is an organisation bringing together Polish Professionals working and living in Scotland. Our goal is personal and professional development of our members, networking and promoting Polish Professinals in Scotland and beyond.

The organisation was created in 2012 and registered in Companies House as Community Interest Company in April 2013. 

Most of our members live in Edinburgh with some based in Glasgow, Perth, Dundee and Aberdeen. We aspire to have a network of PPF branches in all major European cities and our friends in Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Madrid have expressed strong interest in joining us. 

All professionals with Polish origins living and working in any of the European countries can be our members. Both professionals with extensive experience as well as those who have just started their careers are welcome to join us. We also welcome students who are planning their careers in future.

Our workshops and events are very popular not only among Polish professionals but also among the British. We invite our members to Career Evenings with HR specialists and recruitment agencies as part of our Carrer Focus Workstream. We offer meetings with business people as part of our Business Club. As a PPF member you can attend our Women in Business events, meetings with charities, mentoring workshops, presentation and communication training, and variety of our Hobby Club events such as Capoeira, folk dancing classes, cooking classes, golf and whisky tasting.

We are proud that the Polish Cosulate in Edinburgh supports our initiative. We also work closely with the Chartered Banker Institute in Edinburgh, Polish Business Chamber in Scotland, Cross Party Group on Poland in the Scottish Parliament and Bright Purple Recruitment Agency.

We are also proud to support Scottish charities. Our members participated in various charity events: trekking to the Everest Base Camp, Calledonian Challenge (54-mile walk in 24 hours along the West Highland Way), Gillian Saltire Challenge (1.6-mile swim between the Scottish mainland and The Island of Cumbrae). We have raised over £4,000 for the Foundation Scotland, Theatre Nemo and the Gillian Saltire Charity.

You can see photos from our events and get more information about us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Emito. You can also email us on info@polproforum.eu.